Auschwitz and Wieliczka

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Today we did two things. We visited Auschwitz / Auschwitz-Birkenau and then finally also Wieliczka Salt Mine. We had made a booking with a company called Auschwitz Tours that took us to both the infamous concentration camps and the salt mine. We paid 600 zlotych for the trip, or roughly € 140 for this. Very convinient with our own driver taking us from site A to site B and so on.

The visit to Auschwitz I really can’t describe with words. It’s something you need to go and see for yourself. You can watch the pictures though as soon as I can upload them. But I strongly recommend you go there in person. It needs to be experienced. The extreme heat and the sun did not make the place feel as somber as I imagine it would have if it was cloudy and some rain. Still horrible though, but don’t forget the atrocities that are still going on in the world today.

Wieliczka Salt Mine on the other hand is easier to tell what we did. Basicly we walked in old mining tunnels quite far below the ground. The depest we went was 135 meters below ground. Now a salt mine can’t be that exciting, right? If it just had been a salt mine that would be true. But this salt mine is a bit special since it has a lot of rooms in it with sculptures, some churches and even event arenas. And of course it holds a lot of salt. Everything is made of salt.

Both destinations are reachable from Krakow and can be combined for a day tour which actually takes a full day. Back at the hotel we went out for a late dinner, and could not find a single restaurant that was open. We finally found an italian restaurant in a back alley that served really good food. And on the way back to the hotel the rain started to fall, we just made it through the front doors before the sky finally opened itself.

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  1. Wow, I’m impressed by the number of locations you’ve visited. I’ve just visited some places in CE and planning to explore Scandinavia next. This year I took a tour to Wieliczka and Auschwitz Concentration camp too when I visited Krakow. I got them both on one day and they were excellent, everyone should go there if they ever come to Poland. We took:—guided-tour-/ with Discover Cracow tour operator but I think there was also a private tour offered. Guides are a must in Auschwitz. I’ll keep on reading the rest of your posts!

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