1 year celebration at Michelin restaurant

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So 1 year has passed since the first date. That day we had nachos, today we tried something different. P√łlse!

But before I say anything more about that I forgot to tell that yesterday we entered one of the worst museums of all time. The Guinness World Records Museum. Paying about 260DKK in admission felt like a rip off. I blame this one on Sofia.

Back to today. After having breakfast, taking our time to get ready we had a walk down to √ėsterbro. A bit of chill in the wind to be honest. We walked past DFDS headquarters and finally we came upon Restaurant Paustian which is a Michelin restaurant. We had a wonderfull three course lunch or early dinner if you prefer. At 3 o’clock we started to head back to the hotel where we are now. Tonight we’re heading downtown for some drinks and maybe something to eat again.

Locked up in a castle

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Today we spent most time just walking around. Our first stop was the botanical garden where we enjoyed some early spring flowers but no sun. Mostly it’s been cloudy today. Right across the street from the botanical garden you can see Rosenborg castle. We went there and bougt our tickets. Had a nice experience walking through the old castle, enjoying the throne room, the kings bedroom and the tea room.

On our way out we found ourself locked in inside the castle. The security guards would not let us out. “Why?” I cried silently. Then I recalled hearing some kind of alarm go off and I also realize that I did not have full visuals of Sofia, who is a notorious “poker”, she just have to touch everything that has the sign: Do not touch! attatched to it. “What have you done?!?!” I thought. The beefy looking guard at the door told us that the alarm had gone off in the cellar, so obviously Sofia was not to blame. This time.

After approxematly 15 minutes they let us out, order was restored and nothing was missing from the treassury in the cellar, which happened to be our next stop. Sofia promised to not touch anything inside, which she actually also did not do. I must say that noone got bling as a king, except for another king with bling. Bling king. After having seen gold and diamonds for millions we took a paus with some coffee before we continued our walk through town.

We visited a church, but after having seen the churches in Kiev no church really feels like a church anymore. They obviously got “churchier” churches in Kiev. Str√łget offered what every good shopping street should have, shops, more shops and every now and then a bar for resting your feets and refreshing your mind with some healthy, tasty, beautifully golden beer. We also stumbled upon Lilly, a bridal shop. After 1 hour I had to drag Sofia out of there.

We also had a plate of nachos in a restaurant, re-enacting memories from our first date. Speaking of that, our first date was tomorrow but a year ago.

I’m a traaaaaaaain

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We could hear the trains all night. Most of them was just a faint sound in the background but the ones rushing by just outside the window… wel, let’s just say that they were hard to ignore. We found that the hotel provided earplugs so I guess it means that they are aware that the trains do make some noise.

So, except for a good nights sleep, dreaming of Barcelona, or I should rather say dreaming of not flying to Barcelona, everything is well. We’ve had breakfast, pretty much a standard hotel breakfast with an danish accent. Right now, preapering to hit the town again, I think Str√łget is the main target for today.

Long time no see

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I know I know, I havn’t updated in a long time and the reasons are many and mostly bad I think. Anyhow, in an attempt to get a head start with spring me and Sofia decided to go to Barcelona. It should be warm an cozy this time of the year. Said and done, we bougt plane tickets, booked a hotel and then we waited and waited for Janari, Februari and March to turn into April.

April came and Lufthansa pilots went on strike. There goes the vacation. Buying new tickets to Barcelona proved to be ultra expensive with only 1 day to go. So, we managed to cancel both the flight tickets and the hotel booking. New plans had to be made in just a couple of hours. What’s within reach and fairly cheap, since or travel money was still locked up by travel agencies.

We ended p in Copenhagen, the capitol of Denmark, a 3¬Ĺ hour ride by train from Gothenburg but south enough to actually provide some true spring feeling. We arrived in the afternoon at Hotel √ėsterport, situated right at the rail tracks more or less. We can hear them trains all night I think.

No time to be grumpy, we set out to take a walk in the nice sun and we ended up visiting Kastellet, Den lille havfrue and finally had early dinner in Nyhavn. Sitting in the sun, drinking a beer enjoying life for a moment. Now we’re back in the hotel, exhasted after a long day.