News and changes

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I havn’t made a post for a long while now. Mostly due to the fact that we havn’t been travelling anywhere really and that is because in the middle of Januari our daughter was born and that had a huge impact on our lives. Everyone says that having a child is a huge change in their life, it’s just so hard to understand how big the change really is until you get a child yourself. But we manage, we are getting used to the new routines and most of the time we can appreciate and enjoy our new life as parents.

We will not stop travelling, we just want to see how things works out a bit. In the meantime there is plenty of new things to do and a lot of things to re-discover in our proximity. I will dedicate a new category for this, called Göteborg and here I will write about things to do and see in Göteborg (Gothenburg).

Another new thing is the Instagram feed which I hope will bring something new one way or another.


Happy Birthday to me!

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I turned 35 today. At the age of 35 I have had the pleasure to visit 41 countries in the world spread over 3 continents. I have dived in 2 of the Great Oceans, Lake Malawi and the Celebes Sea (east of Borneo). I’ve seen “the Big 5”, mountain gorillas and been to places like Cherobyl and Auschwitz as a contrast. I’ve seen plenty of wonders of nature and met people from all over the world during my travels.

Somewhere along the road I met my wonderfull wife Sofia and now we’re having a baby in January hopefully. I hope the next 35 years will be as wonderfull and that I will have the chance to at least visist another 41 countries during that time!

2 days of rain in Vienna 2014 Central Europe

A walk in the park(s) 2013 Ukraine

Or take a look at the newly revised About page!

Under re-construction

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Finally started to work on the new looks for the site. The site may look a bit wonky for a while, but hopefully it will look good in the end.

I will also try to re-upload the old pictures in a higher resolution to make them bigger and more suited for the new site. That will however be a slow process since I will have to double check every picture. 🙁

So the work has begun!

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Today I took the first trembling steps towards a new look on the site. I installed a new theme, some new plug-ins and so on. There is obviously a lot of tweaking to be done but at least I’ve begun something! I hope the final look will be as awesome as I imagine it to be.

When nothing is happening…

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When nothing is happening it’s when you start making plans. We are in the middle of a move from one home to another so there’s no room for any travelling at the moment. But there are time to make plans, there are time to re-design the site a bit. I also found this page that collects all Swedish travelling blogs where I did register today. Check it out!

Svenska Resebloggar

Regarding re-design of the site, hopefully I can have the new version up and running really soon. I just hope the migration will work. It will also make it possible to have some bigger pictures in the future and a much more nice presentation in every post, given that I have a decent internet connection where I may be at the time!

In the middle of the winter

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In the middle of the winter with no escape from the winter, with nothing to do I ended up searching for a different world map to use on my site. I found myself filling ton’s of maps to map the places where I’ve been and then I found this test where you can see where in “the world league” of travelers you are. I scored:

40 of 200 items
20% of the world
Global Rank # 5,986 of 33,422 users (top 18%)
Try it yourself at

Winter and everything is boring

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Right now it’s like a week left to Christmas, the weather is rainy and somewhat cold. I feel like going somewhere warm. I feel like not beeing at home. But… Right now I cannot leave. No money to travel at the moment, no time to travel either. Luckily there’s plenty of fun stuff happening at home. And I have Sofia. But I found this little map designed from a Swedish travel forum. It’s maybe not the best one, but it’s not the worst either. This is the world according to my experience!

It turned out to be a bit smaller that expected, luckily you can click it and it will appear bigger on

Plans can change so fast

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My plan was to travel to India from Sweden through eastern Europe, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan India, then north to Nepal and then south again to the southern parts of India. My plan was to go with but since Ronnie got sick they had to postpone the expedition to 2014 instead. So now I’m stranded with 4 months of vacation and no where to go.

Well, that is not entirely true, I will speak with my boss next week and tell him I’ll stay home this fall with a few small exceptions. I have plans on taking a weekend to Kiev, Ukraine and take a peek at Pripyat. Also, a bit later on I might go to Zanzibar and visit a friend who lives and works there. A couple of weeks in the sun is never wrong.

I know I have said that life is too short to visit the same place twice but I might make an exception or two every now and then.

Anyway, there’s nothing bad that it doesn’t come anything good out of, with the expedition cancelled I get to spend more time with my girlfriend which is good and I get more time to plan my next long trip which will only take me through 4 countries but together they cover probably one fourth of the worlds landmass. More about this later this year!

Happy Easter

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Last year I celebrated the Easter in Fish River Canyon, Namibia and had a spectacular view over a desert landscape. This year, I’m in the still pretty cold Sweden. The spring has not really arrived yet but I hope it will soon.

Anyway, Happy Easter everyone.