2014 Central Europe

Castles, crypts and fever

First off I must say that this hotel, Loft Hotel is awesome. The room is big and really nice, the breakfast was fantastic and they seem to have understod that people don’t want a sip of juice in the morning, we want a glass. So a big plus for large juice glasses!

After breakfast we headed out to (old)town again to have a look at the St. Michaels Gate, St. Martin’s Cathedral and the Bratislava Castle. We started with the gate, then took a coffee brake and then we started walking towards the castle. This proved to be a bit of a challange since it was stairs up to the castle from the direction we approached it from. The sun also did it’s worst to slow us down on the stairs.

Then it turns out that finding the ticket office proved to be quite difficult since there was no sign announcing it. When we finally found it we bought our tickets and started our tour of the castle. The castle was really nice, a little mixture of new and old and held a bunch of different exhibitions. It also turned out they sometimes holds concerts inside. The only exhibition that I didn’t like was the “Treasury”, I was hoping to see gold and royal stuff, instead we got to see some old pots and pieces of ancient things.

After the castle we ended up at an restaurant which was over 250 years old so we thought we should try their flagship course. Roasted wild boar with mashed potatoes and orange sauce. Turned out to be very tasty so definatly worth a visit. The restaurant is situated right below the castle and between the castle and the church and the name is Restaurant Modrá Hviezda. Well worth a visit.

After late lunch we went down to the church and there we actually got to see some treasures up in the church tower. After having looked at the treasurey we continued down to the crypt. Climbing down in the crypt was a bit odd and we hoped that noone would close the lid over us. It would be quite creapy getting locked in in a crypt. After having looked at some of the graves inside the crypt we exited it and then went to old town again for some drinks. And it’s about now that I also starts to feel not so good. We decides to go back to the hotel and rest a bit, turns out I’m having fever. Yippie. Sofia spends the evening by caring for me. She’s so nice!

That was yesterday. Today I still probably have fever, but after checking out we found us a pharmacy and bought some meds so I feel way better today. Then we went to the Slovak National Museum which was not so big but very well done exhibitions. Specially the one about minerals.

So far I think Bratislava is one of the nicest towns we’ve visited so far. I’d love to come back one day just to spend some time at any off the pubs in old town.

At 14:00 we went to the “docks” to take the Twin City Liner (€35 per person) to Vienna. It felt good trying out some other means of transport since we’ve already covered flying, by road or by train. The 1½ hour tour on the Danube went smooth and offered some nice views. Arriving in Vienna at Schwedenplatzs felt really appropriate too. I couldn’t find anything particulary Swedish about the place though except for the light rain that fell when we arrived.

Sorry, no pictures at the moment, wifi here is slow.

4 thoughts on “Castles, crypts and fever

  1. Tråkigt med feber, hoppas du mår bättre nu så att ni kan njuta av resan. Trevligt med en liten tripp till Venedig.

  2. It´s nice that you´re better again 🙂
    Vienna is a very nice town so enjoy yourselves. When I read all your bloggs I realise that food is a central and very important theme for you. Well I think that´s life too and I really look forward to hear more about every country’s’ food speciality….and of course I also want to see all your pictures that you have taken of all celeberites in each country.

    Love to you both!

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