2014 Central Europe

Schloss Schönbrunn unt Musik

DSC04854First day in Vienna. First impressions of a new town. OK, not entierly true since we arrived yesterday but we did not do much after having checked in on our hotel. Since I was still feeling sick we just ordered room service and watched the tellly until bedtime. Normally I would think it’s stupid to have the bathroom in the room so to say but this is a pretty cool setup. Check the picture for reference!

Anyway, today it’s Sunday and we slept in a bit, then went for a late breakfast and then we geared up for a day in town. First stop was Westbanhof to get the Vienna-card that gives us free rides on the tram, bus and subways/metro for a measly €22. That also gives a lot of discounts on about 200 places, mostly entrance fees and such at various attractions. When that was done our first real stop for today was…

…Prater(?) and Madame Tussauds. It was a lot of people in there and that did not make the experience so enjoyable. We exited quite fast and went to have ice cream instead. Reb Bull icecream is quite disgusting by the way. Austrians are strange people.

Now we felt ready for something more serious so we took the subway to Schloss Schönbrunn. Got our tickets and started the tour of the Habsburgs Palace. It is an amazing construction, the mainbuilding is huge, but the parks and the other buildings surrounding it just makes it massive. We started with an audio-guided tour through about 40 rooms of the castle. That took about one hour. Then we went out and into the parks, I guess we spent another hour or so there. We could probably have spent way more time there but after a while it just get’s too big.

In one of the gardens I took the moment to propose to Sofia, again. She said yes, again.

Arround half past four in the afternoon we decided to head back to the hotel and get ready for the evening. We had bought some tickets earlier to a concert with the Wiener Royal Orchester. So we spent the evening with classical music, opera and ballett. The ballet we could do without but the rest was really good.

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