2012 Africa

Zimbabwe Part 2

After Victoria Falls we went to a town called Hwange and bought some supplies before we went on to Hwange Game Reserve. This park is famous for it’s huge population of elephants and there is also supposed to be a lot of lions here. We saw no lions. But we had some really nice experiences with the elephants. Driving through the reserve we realized that it would soon be dark so we better find some place to rest.

IMG_3879Along the road we picked up a ranger who took us to a campsite where we stayed for the night. Just outside the campsite there was a water hole with hippos in so we spent the evening with eating our dinner watching the hippos come out of the water in the darkness. And suddenly a huge lone elephant bull came walking right below us. The joy of sitting there beneath the twinkling stars watching this amazing wildlife is indescribable. The next day we would proceed towards the exit of the reserve and towards the border of Botswana. If only someone would let us out!

Suddenly we see two female rangers running towards us with AK47’s on their backs. When they arrived they explained that they had been hunting baboons. Then they let us out and we were on our way to Botswana. We arrived at a really small and more or less unused border crossing right before it was about to close for the night. I say unused because the last car that had passed before us passed the border 2 months earlier.

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