2012 Africa


Upon entering Botswana we discovered that we had no pulas available because all ATM’s within almost 200 km range was out of order. But that was a lesser problem, first we needed to find a place to camp for the night. Going off road placed us right next to a farm and the kind farmers showed us around and told us there were plenty of lions around. One of their cows had just been attacked the other week for example. In the evening the roaster chased all the chicks into a tree so that the lions would not be able to reach them. All night we could hear farmers in the area making noise to scary the lions away and we also heard dogs barking in the distance.

The next day we continued along the road. It was a long, very straight road. I think it went on for like 600 km or so. Arriving at the !Nxia Pan was quite exciting. It’s a national park and we entered. We had some luck right after entering when we saw a small herd of elephants cross the road in front of us. Then we also had some nice sightings of zebras, various kinds of gazelles and some gnus and a buffalo or two. No lions here either. On the way out we saw 6 giraffes that lined up beautifully along the horizon. I really like giraffes, they move in a funny way and seem a bit goofy but they are really beautiful.

IMG_4145After the !Nxia Pan we drove the remaining 140 km to the city of Maun which is situated just south of the Okawanga Delta. We camped at a hotel located just outside of Maun. The hotel was owned by a British man and his Botswani wife. The name of the hotel is Sedia Hotel. Here we stayed for some days which gave us plenty of time to take a flying safari over the delta, explore the town and see a dance show performed by some of the staff on the hotel.

When we left Maun we found a lake called Lake Ngami which is somewhat special. On the shores of the lake there lives fishermen. They move their village after the shoreline depending on if the water is high or low. We convinced some of the fishermen to take us on a tour on the lake with their small boats. We kind of regretted this because the boats was not made to take that many passengers and the fishermen who was obviously high was not really good at driving the boats either. We managed to get back to the shore again without any accidents but to be honest the trip was not really worth the effort.

We followed the road north towards the eastern parts of the Okavango Delta and eventually we would find the roads totally flooded so we had to wade with the cars which was fun. Took us more or less a whole day to get through and reach a camp site where we intended to stay for the night. Turned out that the camp site was very expensive and they had no real service, not even a bar so we decided for a bush camp instead.

IMG_4272The coming day we continued towards Namibia but first we had to go on a small excursion on a river. We found a man who would take us on his boat and off we went. The river sides was filled with papyrus and in the distance we could see some large birds slowly circling. The guide picked up a water lily and made a necklace for Lena out of it and said it was a special wedding necklace used by the locals. After the boat trip it was one more bush camp and then we arrived at the Namibian border.

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