2015 Barcelona

Relocating downtown

We spent yesterday doing nothing. Sun bathing, bathing in the pool and then drinking San Miguel Clara, a beer with lemonade in it. Very refreshing in the 30°C+ heat. Later in the evening we also had dinner at the hotel restaurant (L’Orangerie Restaurant) which also have a star in the Guide Michelin. The sommelier heard we were from Sweden so she came and said hello to us, she had been in Sweden for a year back in 2002 and was very happy to speak some Swedish again!

DSC05810We also bought a body lotion for Sofia that smell of lemons. Brand name is L’Occitane. They have very high quality stuff on this hotel, Gran Hotel La Florida. But today it’s time to leave this wonderful place. We are relocating downtown to experience the grand city of Barcelona. From our stunning view of the city we’re moving into the city instead. From silence and tranquilo to the bustling rythm of a pulsating city.

At noon we checked out and took a taxi down hill, through traffic jams and crowded streets until we finally arrived at our destination. The room wasn’t ready when we arrived so we took our escape to a nearby café and spent some time there. Around 3pm the room was ready and we went there to make ourself at home since it will be our home for the next coming 11 nights.

DSC05813The room is not to shabby, it’s not like in the other place but it’s clean, the bed is nice, we have air condition and a fantastic view of roof tops and a street. We took a stroll around the area and found the Mercat de Sant Antoni, or the temporary market rather since they are renovating the original place. Lots of stuff to look at, lots of clothes. We bought a pair of sun glasses each for €5 a pair. I bet they are real Ray Bans. Or not.

DSC05814We also had dinner at the hotel in the hotel restaurant. For the measly sum of €45 we had a three course dinner. There was some confusion over the starter dish so I got Sofias and she got mine. No biggie really, then we discovered that the one she was supposed to get contained walnuts so I guess it was good she didn’t eat that one considering she’s alergic to walnuts. The main course was nice, some kind of grilled meat and for desert it was a chocolate bomb. Chocolate bisquit with chocolate icecream and chocolat sause.

As a side note, it’s very interesting travelling with Sofia since she’s a hypocondric. She has gotten some kind of insect bite, probably mosquito that itches a bit. She’s convinced it’s rabies and that she will die.

One thought on “Relocating downtown

  1. He he he 🙂 Sofias hypochondria we know of all to well. She shouldn’t worry about the rabies. I have heard, though, that your arm might fall off when bitten by a Spanish mosquito… It can, however, be avoided by eating strong laxatives. Or maybe by drinking water, I can never remember which one…
    All kidding aside, we all hope you enjoy your honeymoon vacation!


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