2015 Barcelona

Baffelona by bus

Today was our first real day in Baffelona. After breakfast we walked from the hotel to Placa d’Espania and located the place for the ‘Hop on hop off’-bus. So begun our journey through Baffelona by bus. We got to see a lot actually, we have some ideas for future day trips around the city. Except for riding the bus we didn’t actuallly do anything in particular.

Well, at first it was incredibly hot and we’re not used to that so we did complain a lot about the heat. Then it became cloudy and that made things a bit cooler. Then after the bus ride, all three lines took almost 5-6 hours with a break for lunch, we decided to take another way back to the hotel. Worst idea ever. We got lost after the first turn. Found the main street we used earlier today, didn’t remember where to make a turn so we had to walk a few blocks extra.

Except for that, Sofia has some insect bites that itches. Went to the Farmacia to get something for it. The lady behind the counter asked if we wanted repellant but when I said bites she made a funny face and frowned, then came with some creme that seem to help.

Next step for today is dinner and then relaxation and preparations for tomorrow…

One thought on “Baffelona by bus

  1. It seems that you have a lot of fun on your travels 🙂 For tomorrow, we wish you a day with pleasant weather and less itching insect bites!


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