2015 Barcelona

Barri Gotic

DSC06041Yesterday we didn’t do much at all, mostly due to the heat. We chilled at the hotel mostly but took a small tour to the market and for dinner later on. Today on the other hand we defied the heat and took a taxi to L’Aquàrium de Barcelona. After about 1½ hour watching various fishes, sharks and other water dwellers plus a lot of kids fighting each other to get a better viewing positing we decided to leave.

DSC06111We spent some time walking about the area around Port Vell, had a coke in the shade from some trees. Then we browsed some market stalls and found a small piece of jewellry for Sofia there. Heading back to the city took us into Cituat Vella and Barri Gotic (the oldest part of Barcelona). We had some nice hours walking around in Barri Gotic popping into small boutiques and shops but finally we decided it was time for something to eat.

DSC06112Panchito became our choice. Mexican, not Spanish, but it’s almost the same, no? We had some nacho plats and I choose a little to big beer served in one of those funny glasses you can’t put down on the table, it requires a frame to put it in. But in the end I won over the beer. After some more walking around we suddenly stumbled upon La Rambla. This where we decide to head back to the hotel for some siesta.

Later in the evening we walked a block from our hotel to a restaurant we had seen the day before which turned out to be a good place. We had some very nice tapas and front row seats to watch the Barcelonians go about their lives.

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