2015 Barcelona

Park Güell Part 1

So we set off on a  mission today to visit Park Güell which is a part of Guadi’s creation. We did some research yesterday and found out that you could buy tickets in advance through the internet but we passed on that one since it seemed simple enough to just go there and queue. It’s not. Arriving there we was informed that the earliest time we could get in was 15:30 and clock was not even 13:00. And waiting in the heat was not an option so we decided to do something else but we didn’t really know what to do so we started walking back towards the city centre.

DSC06228Quite soon we found something called the Gaudi Experiencia. Like a 3D cinema with some air and water spray and moving chairs. Sofia sure did like it so I guess it was worth it. After that we just walked for like an eternity in the heat and sometime around that we also came to a smaller disagreement about most things for the moment. Getting a taxi and going to Zoo Barcelona seemed to solve that since we found  both shadow, some cold drinks and something to eat there.

Sadly enough neither of us did enjoy the visit to the zoo that much since we have both seen most of the animals in their normal habitat and not in ultra small protections. Besides, most of the animals was just laying still because of the heat so there was not much action at all. After the zoo we walked towards the Arc de Triumph to get a few pictures of that. When we were done with that we took a taxi back to the hotel, showered and then went out to eat somewhere. We ended up in some local place eating very good tapas.

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