2015 Barcelona

Park Güell Part 2

DSC06536Today we did everything right. We had pre-purchased tickets with entrence time at 13:00 (internet cost 7€ each), we took a taxi to get there in time and then we waited for about 20 minutes before we could enter. And then it was finally time to get into the park designed by Guadi himself. Park Güell. Well, we had access to the park before, but the park is devided into two parts. The Monumental Zone and the “open to the public zone”. To preserve the Monumental Zone they only allow a certain amount of people to enter at a time.

So there we were in the middle of the Monumental Zone and realized that it’s nothing more than a park with really funky architecture. Don’t get  me wrong, it’s a cool place and there is so many details to look at. And every time you think you’ve discovered everything there is to discover in a certain spot then you discover something new. He was strange in that way senor Gaudi.

So we spent some time in there walking around looking at stuff and were quite happy that for the first time in a week there was some clouds at the sky so it wasn’t that hot for the moment. After we left the park the clouds started to go away and things got extremely hot again. One hour later we sat at the same restaurant where we had tapas some days ago eating tapas again.

DSC06550After the food we went to the market and bought some bracelets for Sofia. A little reward for her bravery from the day before not panicing on the serpentine road to and from Montserrat. After dinner we went to Parlament Street and into a icecream bar called Sirvent and bought a milkshake, which was nice. The reason to this was because David said it was a good place. So far this was the only tip from others that we have followed.

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