2012 Africa

South Africa Part 1 – The end of the first leg!

IMG_5668From the border we continued on road 7 down to a town called Springbok where we stayed for the night. On the day of arrival it was obviously some kind of holiday because everything was closed but after some asking around we finally found a camp site. A hot shower was very welcome! We continued south on road 7 and found Stellar Organics, a wine yard on the GPS and paid them a visit. We bought some bottles of wine there and proceeded towards Langebaan on the west coast.

We stayed 2 nights in Langebaan. The first night we had a small wine tasting with some cheeses we had bought in the local supermarket. It was a really nice ending that day. When we continued south towards Cape Town we drove through West Coast National Park which was very beautiful and then finally we arrived in Cape Town. Or not.

We went right through it, drove through Camps Bay and further south towards The Cape of Good Hopes. First we arrived at Cape Point which is the very tip of the big cape on which everything is situated, then we found Cape of Good Hopes. We stopped that night in a small town called Simon’s Town at a restaurant called The Black Marlin Restaurant. During the night the wind blew so much that it almost blew our tents away.

The following day we went to see the penguins in Simon’s Town before we continued on our way to Cape Town. The first two nights we would spend in Bellville on a camp site there. Here in Bellville I had to say goodbye to everyone since they were going home from here. This was the end of the first leg on this trip. Now it was only me and of course Ronnie and Lena from 4x4expedition.se left. It was “resting time” for the expedition cars, Ronnie and Lena was about to do some service on the cars.

The other passengers on this leg left to spend some time in Cape Town or fly directly home. Myself, I had already found someone to hang out with through a traveling forum.

I’d like to thank Ronnie & Lena for this awesome journey, and I’d also like to thank the following people for the very enjoyable trip we had togheter: Robert, Elvira, Christer, Anna, Gabriel, Sandra and Richard. I’ll see you around! 😉


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