2012 Africa

Cape Town – A paus from the expedition

So I had left the expedition cars to explore Cape town on my own. Well, not entirely on my own since I was about to meet Lisa, a girl from Stockholm, Sweden here. I found her on Reseforum.se and decided to met up with her. She had went on a safari trip and then had about a week extra time in South Africa and she choose to spend it in Cape Town.

Anyway, we stayed at a hotel called Cape Town Lodge Hotel located on Buitengracht Street. A bit pricey but the service was excellent and the breakfast buffet was really nice.

After spending one day just walking around on Longstreet we decided we should rent a car. We became a lot more mobile with a car so now we started to plan some excursions.  One of our excursions led us out in the Stellenbosch wine District and to some of the wine yards around there. Some I can remember is Tokara, Laibach and Villiera. This day we had a Danish couple with us that Lisa had got to know during her days in the Kruger Park. All in all this was a really nice day, we got really lucky with the weather and the wines!

Me and Lisa also went on a shark diving trip one day. For that we had to go to a place called Gansbaai. We went diving with a company called Shark Diving Unlimited and had a nice and exciting day. After the shard diving on the way back to Cape Town we heard on the local news that someone had died in a shark attack in Gordon’s Bay. What are the odds?

We also made a trip to the top of Table Mountain, we took the cable car instead of walking since that takes several hours and we had other things to do that day as well. The view from Table Mountain was fantastic, but this special day it was what the locals call “table cloth”, in other words cloudy at the top. The experience is like standing in thick fog. Still, it was a beautiful sight. The afternoon we spent on V & A Waterfront going through what felt like 1001 different stores.

One nice thing with Cape Town and the famous Long Street is all the restaurants situated there. Every night we would try out a new place. The best part is that all restaurants are incredible cheap so you can actually eat almost anything and pay almost nothing for the food. And they do have a lot to offer when it comes to food. They have all international stuff but also a lot of local food which is just great!

And then Lisa had to go back home to Sweden again. And I had to move to Gordon’s Bay and the expedition cars since it was almost the April 20 and the start of the second leg of this trip!

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