Tally so far

Okay, here is the tally so far. I think the challenge of finding 100 non traditionals in a row kind of ruined geocaching for me. I prefer it to be something casual but now it became totally non-casual so I’ve decided to abandon this quest for glory. Yes, I admit to being not 100% devoted to the quest either. And now that the cold and snow has hit Gothenburg I see the chances of me going out geocaching decreases with each grade below 0.

But at least it made me try some new chaches and I got me some new experience. I will most likely get back to geocachig in the spring when the weather is nice and I can take my daughter out in the trolley. I guess that is a good reason to fiddle around in the bushes!

Below is the tally. Turned out to be 34, so I managed to do a tad bit more than a 3rd of the amount. Not to shabby after all!

 – 3
 – 8
 – 1
 – 1
 – 5
 – 14
 – 2

  = 34

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