2012 Africa

South Africa Part 2

April 20, start of the second leg of the trip. 6 new people, 6 new stories. We start driving east out of Cape Town, over the hills and far away. We did a short stop at the Misty Mountains Wine Estate. After investing some rands into wine we continued south east through Hermanus and down to Struis Bay and Cape Agulhas which is as much south you can get in Africa. I think that somewhere around this area is the famous Garden Route as well, but I might be wrong on this.

After a day or so of driving we finally arrived at the famous Bloukrans Bridge, the place where people go bungee jumping you know? Face Adrenalin is the name of the company. If you go here, take the leap out in thin air, experience the 2 seconds of total agony and then enjoy the next coming seconds of your life falling free until the bungee cord saves you! And it only costs like 700 rands or something.

Later that day we arrived in Port Elizabeth where we stayed for 2 nights. One day of shopping in the only shopping mall there, one night of partying and one night of relaxing. After Port Elizabeth we drove to Addo Elephant Park where we had some amazing experience with elephants, lions and the usual lion-food-animals. On the way out I spotted a big herd of elephants, probably over 50 animals right outside the park at a water hole. We stopped and watched the elephants for some time before we continued, we had to find a bush camp for the night.

From this point it was time to turn north, north towards Lesotho and then Drakens Berg. On our way to Lesotho we started climbing higher. We drove up in the mountains where the climate was considerably more chilly then what we were used to. In the mountins the fall had already begun and during the nights it got really cold. My sleeping bag didn’t really kept me warm those nights so every morning I would greet the sun with a lot of gratitude. Driving off road up in the mountains was a very enjoyable experience that I do not regret being able to do.

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