My First WhereIGo cache

Today we had a clear sky and sunny weather finally. Today it felt like summer so we took the car for a ride to the other side of town to buy some food for the cat and then we stopped for a take away coffee. While walking around we also took the liberty to do some geocaching. A small multi at Kaggeledstorget called Våren. It was quickly done, it was only a 2 step multi and didn’t require much work. Although both the GPS and my phone acted a bit funny regarding the direction and coordinates.

Back home again we deiced to make a second try on the WhereIGo cache we had tried the day before but failed. First we searched in the area where we thought the chace was hidden but gave up after some 15 minutes realizing that we better do the WhereIGo game again. Since Sofia is pregnat she got to sit down on a bench while I was running up and down the “Castle Hill” playing the game. And of course, I had made a small error. A small error that put is a good 100 meters in the wrong direction. But after correcting the coordinates it was quite easy to find it.


– geowherigoCASTLEHILL Revival MMT#20


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