Diary of a quite bad geocacher

Dear diary, here are the results of my lazy attempts of geocaching the past weeks.


geomyst– GC6HRAR – A place to meet

This one required some mean skills in Google maps to solve, despite beeing on the actual place to do some reconisance which I thought should be enough. Turned out it was not. However, after solving this one I saw that it was hidden at my old school but the timing to log it was not right due to the school beeing inhibited by hundreds of Gothia Cup kids. A week later the place was empty so me and Sofia could easily walk up and quite quickly find the cache and sign it.



-The Lord of the Rings-The beginning (MMT#24)

This was the first ever WhereIGo I ever tried. This was over a year ago. I didn’t fully understand what to do or how to do it at that time. But, feeling encouraged by the previous success with a WhereIGo I felt I should try a new one. So I kind of took off where I stopped last time and tried to continue but came to a halt. I think that was due to a technical issue with the app. So I restarted. There was a lot of walking back and forth but finally I was on the right track. So I picked up Sofias and we took a nice evening walk for the final stages. Finally at the last spot Sofia found the cache in less than a minute. Well done darling!



-10 lätta pussel





Having spent some days in Karlsborg area I grew restless and wanted to go out and find some geocaches. During the spring/early summer I’ve spent some time solving mystery caches in the area, mostly puzzels and got coordinates for a lot I thought there was some easy pickings. Me, Sofia and her brother got into the car and drove along road 49 doing some quick stops for mystery  logging. Then we also found a quite nice letter box. I think I got a tick there as well.

And as of now, there hasn’t been any progress. I’m starting to think maybe I should abandon this quest for 100 non traditionals in a row, else I probably will continue in this slow pace. It doesn’t help much with having some solutions done when I never get around to log them. Specially not considering that several of them are not even in my home area but some 2-3 hours drive away.

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