2012 Africa


IMG_6183Almost immidiatly when we entered Lesotho I could feel how my mood changed. South Africa is more like a bad version of Europe, while Lesotho is more African. There were a lot of things that changed upon entering Lesotho, but one of the most important was the people. They seemed more happy in general.

Our first stop in Lesotho was in a town called Quthing where we looked for a restaurant for some while until a friendly man showed us. We had hoped for a more local kind of restaurant but we got showed into a room that looked quite fancy. Then they came and served the food. I think the place we ended up in was some kind of conference restaurant or something. Not really what we had been looking for but it was nice never the less.

This night we bush camped close to a river and some of us went down to wash themself in the river. The rest of us took a walk in the woods and looked at the view. The next day we continued and ended up in a village that was situated well over 1500 meter above the sea level. Here we stayed and shopped for both beer, food and some other stuff. I turned in a pair of my shorts that was more or less falling apart to a tailor. When I got back to pick them up they refused to take any payment with the motivation that they really did nothing. Well, they fixed my shorts and I was grateful for that.

IMG_6251We also had some amazing food in a small shack. It was some kind of cooked meat, some cooked vegetables and the usual maize porridge. The meat was really nice. After a while we left the village and headed towards the border. But before we left Lesotho we wanted to stay another night. We found a village where we could stay, some of the children came by and played some football with us. They also showed us some traditional dancing and singing and we showed them some Swedish traditional dance (små grodorna).

In the morning some of the older kids came by and wanted to show us around in the village. So we let them guide us around their village. They took us to their sheep pen situated in a cave in the hillside, showed us the water reservoir and some other stuff. Over all it was a really nice time. Then it was time move back to South Africa and take a closer look at Drakens Berg.

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