2012 Africa

South Africa Part 3

Upon arriving in South Africa again from Swaziland we drove towards the Kruger Park. As soon as we enter the park we see a lot of animals, rhinos, elephants, gazelles, giraffes, buffalos and so on. We spend the night in one of the rest camps and I take the time to phone home for once. The next day we continue our tour through the park. We follows a road that takes up on a small hill where we see a lot of people outside the cars. Curious on what is going on we also exits our cars. It turns out there is an idiot fooling around with a huge python that is very annoyed by the man. One of the guides tells us that if it had been in the afternoon the man would have gotten bitten by the huge snake.

This day also provided us with many nice experiences as we saw crocodiles, lions in a distant, elephants, more rhinos, gazelles and the likes, hippos, buffalos, even a chameleon who was walking in the middle of the road. This day we exited the park and found a camp site in the town of Komatiepoort. Here we stayed for 2 nights so that some of us could go back to the Kruger Park and do a night safari. Myself, by now I was a bit tired of the animals so I just used the time to wash some clothes, read a book for once and just relax. Soon enough we would continue into Mozambique which is one of the countries I thought would be one of the most interesting ones.

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