2012 Africa


We left Lesotho and came out just south of the Drakens Berg World Heritage Site. It sure was a beautiful place but when we arrived there the weather was incredibly bad so we could not really enjoy it to the full extent. With this in mind we continued north towards Swaziland and hoped for better luck there!

IMG_6376The best thing with Swaziland was probably that it was warmed here, it was actually hot which was very welcome. We stopped along side a river for a lunch break and we even jumped into the water after the some of the local women that was washing clothes in the river had insured us that there were no crocodiles in the water.

The roads finally lead to a town called Manzini where we decided to stay. After spending several hours trying to find some place to stay in Manzini we gave up and looked for some place outside the town instead. Finally we found a place called Sundowners Backpackers. This would become our base for the following days. From here we booked white water rafting that turned out to be a disapointment from my side. There was not much rafting, it was more paddling in calm water but it was mostly nice anyway, not just the way I had hoped for. The trip ended with a jump from a 10 meter high cliff down into the boiling water below a waterfall. And on the way back the mini van we traveled in almost caught fire.

In the evening we chartered a bush taxi that took us on a quite crazy through the nightlife of Manzini and eventually we ended up in a very local pub somewhere. Here we danced and partied all night and someone was kind enough to play DJ Call Me – Marry Me like 9 times in a row. Then sometime early morning we arrived safe and sound at the Sundowners again.

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