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Happy Birthday to me!

I turned 35 today. At the age of 35 I have had the pleasure to visit 41 countries in the world spread over 3 continents. I have dived in 2 of the Great Oceans, Lake Malawi and the Celebes Sea (east of Borneo). I’ve seen “the Big 5”, mountain gorillas and been to places like Cherobyl and Auschwitz as a contrast. I’ve seen plenty of wonders of nature and met people from all over the world during my travels.

Somewhere along the road I met my wonderfull wife Sofia and now we’re having a baby in January hopefully. I hope the next 35 years will be as wonderfull and that I will have the chance to at least visist another 41 countries during that time!

2 days of rain in Vienna 2014 Central Europe

A walk in the park(s) 2013 Ukraine

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