2012 Africa

Mozambique Part 2

When we arrived at Inhambane we spent some time just driving back and forth because we didn’t really know which way to take to Tofo but we finally found some kind of off road road through a tropical jungle. While driving between coconut palms and small huts we got chased by some kids who thought it was fun to jump onto our cars and stand on the back bumpers and ride along with us. That was not the safest way of transportation I’ve seen but I’ve seen some crazy stuff down in Africa.

Fatima’s Backpackers have a lodge in Tofo as well so that became our obvious place of rest this time also. Not only did we get discount for having stayed at Fatima’s Backpackers in Maputo, we also got an excellent service and had a great time on the beach. In Tofo we stayed like a three or four nights doing nothing really. Just relaxing, chilling and having a good time. I rented a beach bungalow for the duration of my stay here. I also went on a diving trip which was nice.

The kids on the beach sold both roasted cashew nuts and fresh pineapple, it’s hard to resist these culinary delicacy. There are some nice restaurants around in Tofo by the way. They might be a bit more expensive than the ”common Mozambique” restaurant since Tofo is considered a tourist place but still they are cheap. And the food is excellent. Try the fish or seafood, you won’t be disappointed. Fatimas has a restaurant of their own which is also good so don’t miss it out i you’re here! Tofo is also the pace to go if you like reggae because they play it everywhere. I’d say it adds to the atmosphere!

After Tofo it was time to move north and west again so we took the road to Chimoio, from Chimoio it is only 90 kilometers to the border to Zimbabwe. But before we reached Chimoio we stopped at a small village somewhere along the road where we met a very nice old woman who showed us how they harvest peanuts. We thought we could buy some peanuts from her, turned out we got a small sack of peanuts for the money we gave her. It was a very nice stay, but we had to move on to reach Zimbabwe in time.

IMG_6802In Chimoio we got ourselves a surprise. When we stopped at a Shoprite to buy some supplies we found a Danish guy who invited us to stay at his place for the night. We followed him to a small work shop where we could put our cars behind the walls. That night we had another barbeque party with Niels Bonefeld, the founder of Baisikeli. He explained his bushiness idea for us which I actually found to be smart. I like that he was very honest about it as well. Check out their website for more information.

After having a good night of sleep and a breakfast worthy a king we packed our stuff, said goodbye to Niels and headed towards the border. At the border station it was time to get rid of the remaining meticals (the money they use in Mozambique) so I bought a bottle of vodka for $1 and a six pack of coke for $6. The Vodka tasted horrible and just a few centiliters of it required a full can of coke. I knew it was something fishy with the vodka being so cheap!

Gallery updated with pictures from Mozambique!

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