2012 Africa

Zimbabwe Revisited Part 2

IMG_6859Arriving in Harare also marked the end of the second leg of my trip. Here some people left and some new people joined. One of the new people joining was my friend from back home called Franciska. Being away from home for now about 3 months made me start to long for my friends. And having one of them joining me made me really happy.

With the new people installed we left Harare behind us and was aiming for the caves in Chinhoyi. On the way there we noticed several places where they sold worms for fishing. The display for the worms was quite entertaining. The caves proved to be really cool and we also found that the water in the cave was very blue. This night we stayed the night in a small village and in the morning a woman from the village asked us if we had heard the hyena which had been standing right outside our camp site and howled. We didn’t. She also told us that two nights before some elephants had strolled through the village and destroyed some fences and a water pipe.

IMG_6906On our way to Lake Kariba we met a German couple who had some trouble with their car. We helped them fix the car temporary and hopefully they managed to get to some place where they could fix it properly. We continued towards Lake Kariba and finally we ended up in some kind of resort that looked really luxury. Turned out that the place was more or less deserted. There was some staff there who maintained it and we could stay there. Last time they had had any visitors was 3 months ago but they were very happy we came.

We booked a boat trip on Lake Kariba the coming day which turned out really nice. We spent the whole day on the boat, saw some elephants, hippos, crocodiles and of course lots of birds. Some of us spent an hour fishing or so. When we got back from the boat trip we cooked the fish which tasted pretty nice. We also pealed the last of the peanuts we bought in Mozambique and roasted them on the open fire with some oil and salt. The result was quite nice!

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