2011 South East Asia

2011 South East Asia #4 Singapore – A quick visit!

I was a bit disappointed with Bali, I didn’t get the experience I wanted there. I think this was mostly because of the failure with the surfing. Maybe I should have tried harder, I don’t know. My next destination was Singapore. I took an early flight from Bali to Singapore and landed around lunch time. Getting out from the airport was quick, I getting a cab was also easy despite that I had read that getting a taxi in Singapore was one of the hardest things you could do. I asked the driver to take me to a internet cafe downtown so I could print my hotel reservation and the address to the hotel. I paid the driver and asked if he could wait for me and he said yes. But when I was done with my printing he was gone. So there I was, somewhere in Singapore and no one to drive me to my hotel. I begun a quest to get a new cab. Although I saw plenty of taxis driving by, none of them seemed interested in stopping and pick me up. Eventually I found one.

After checking in to my hotel I wanted something to eat. I found a small restaurant in a street corned and had some really nice food and a huge beer. After that I decided to go to the only place I really wanted to visit in Singapore. Raffles Hotel. While staying at Raffles Hotel was a bit out of my budget I could at least go there and have a Singapore Sling in the bar. I got myself a taxi after some trial and error, but something went wrong in the communication and the driver said: “Don’t understand! Good bye!” and drove off. I managed to get a new one but he dropped me like 2 blocks away from Raffles Hotel. No biggie, I just walked the last part and it was quite nice actually. When I arrived at the hotel I headed for the bar, but it was closed for the moment. But the outside bar was open. finally I got to order my Singapore Sling. The drink was nice but way to sweet for my taste. I tried some local beers as well. When I was satisfied I went back to the hotel, booked a flight to Phuket and a hotel. My mission in Singapore was done! I had had a Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel.

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