2012 Africa

Botswana Revisited Part 1

IMG_7140Right after the border crossing we entered Chobe National Park. From all the national parks I’ve visited so far during this trip Chobe was the most packed one. With animals that is. Hundreds of elephants, giraffes, buffalos, gazelles, antiloops, zebras and so on. And they were everywhere! We spent well many hours in the park before sundown. Just before sundown we sneaked out of the park and bush camped not far away from the entrance. When we woke up in the morning we found big cat prints close to our camp. I wonder if an lion might have been passing by?

After breakfast, back into Chobe National Park again to finish the adventure. After driving many hours on sand roads, getting occasionally getting stuck in the sand, bumping around and seeing many animals we reached the southern border of Chobe and searched for a place to bush camp. After a while we found a place that looked good. During the late dinner in the darkness we heard noises around the camp. Using our torches we got a glimpse of what we thought was a hyena. Quickly doing the dishes and putting everything we don’t need away we got ready. We aligned our chairs in a circle, back to back, armed with our torches waiting in the dark.

And there, suddenly we heard a noise again. Someone pointed his/her torch towards the noise and there it was. The hyena trying to sneak around in our camp. It was an amazing sight! That night I could not sleep, I just lay there hoping to be able to get a glimpse of the animal again. I heard a lot of noises but I saw no hyena. Sooner or later I fell asleep after all.

IMG_7167Now we are on our way to Maun again. Maun was a nice place and for the new comers it’s going to be a good time with the Okawango Delta and all that. We stay at the same time as before. We even park the cars in the same spots. The biggest difference is that it’s so dry now. The sun has more or less burned away the grass, the trees and bushes are getting dryer and dryer. You could say that this part of Botswana has turned into different shades of brown.

While some of us go exploring the Okawango Delta I spend most of my time around Sedia Hotel or in Maun. One of the days we decide to have a BBQ party which turned out really nice even though we almost had to fight over the ”braai”. We also met a German (or if they were from the Netherlands, I don’t remember) couple that was doing a similar trip through Africa but on motorbikes instead. It was nice to exchange some experiences.

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