2012 Africa

Cape Town – The final days

IMG_7388The last days in Africa I spent in Cape Town. Me and some of the others had booked a some nights at a hotel called The New Tulbagh Hotel. A quite nice and affordable hotel in the beginning of Long Street. From here we would go on trips throughout the city, visit the Table Mountain or just go shopping at V&A Waterfront. Actually, I did spend quite some time at V&A Waterfront since I had seen much of the stuff that I wanted to see in Cape Town already first time I was here.

I got myself a haircut at the Waterfront. It didn’t turn out so great as I had hoped but at least I didn’t look like a troll anymore. Bought myself some clothes, had some really great sushi and in the evening I would go out drinking with my friends. Not too bad in my opinion.

As mentioned before, we took a tour to the Table Mountain and this time the weather was clear. The view from there was fantastic. Funny thing that happened on the way there was that the taxi driver ran out of gas half way up so he had to call new cabs for us.

One good thing with Cape Town in general and specially Long Street is the amount of interesting restaurants. We spent quite some time exploring all those and some of them were really good. When it comes to sushi I must say that the sushi I had in Cape Town was one of the best sushi I’ve ever had.

On June 15 it was time for me to leave Cape Town, south Africa and Africa behind and get back to Sweden. After over 22 hours of flying and waiting in various airports I was finally home and greeted by my friends who had came to pick me up.

Gallery updated with pictures from South Africa!

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