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I havn’t made a post for a long while now. Mostly due to the fact that we havn’t been travelling anywhere really and that is because in the middle of Januari our daughter was born and that had a huge impact on our lives. Everyone says that having a child is a huge change in their life, it’s just so hard to understand how big the change really is until you get a child yourself. But we manage, we are getting used to the new routines and most of the time we can appreciate and enjoy our new life as parents.

We will not stop travelling, we just want to see how things works out a bit. In the meantime there is plenty of new things to do and a lot of things to re-discover in our proximity. I will dedicate a new category for this, called Göteborg and here I will write about things to do and see in Göteborg (Gothenburg).

Another new thing is the Instagram feed which I hope will bring something new one way or another.


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