2013 Ukraine

More uphill and churches

We are slowly growing tired of the hotel breakfast which is best described as dry so we actually did not spend much time there. Instead we headed out to town to have an early lunch at a place I don’t dare to even guess the name of. Anyhow, in there you grab a tray and then walks to a long counter where various small dishes are presented and then you choose what you want and put on your tray and then continue to the cash register. 65 UAH for 2 servings of borsch, 2 servings of chicken, 2 servings of garlic bread and 2 glasses of some kind of drink with a funny taste. The borsch tasted wonderfull by the way. It looks like we’re going to have an early lunch there tomorrow as well.

After lunch we explored a whole bunch of churches, namedropping commence in: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Go!
Mykhailivs’ kyl Zolotoverkhyl sobor, St. Sophia of Kyiv, Andriivs’ka, Bohorodysti Pyrohoschi and 2 more I can’t remember the names of. To be honest I did not remember the other names either but they were marked on the map.

Out of all these churches both me and Sofia found St. Sophia to be the most beautiful one. St. Andrews church (Andriivs’ka) was special in another way because it was the first one we were allowed to takes photos inside.

To get to all these churches we had to walk uphill of course. Then at St. Andrews we got to walk downhill to get to Podil, the Soho of Kyiv. On the way down we walked past lots of small stalls selling everything from old communist uniforms and medals to t-shirts with touristy prints and small religous icons and art. Sofia found a small trinket that we bought for her.

After having walked around in Podil for a while we wanted to get back to our planned route but the long walk uphill didn’t feel too appealing so we took a taxi for 70 UAH. Money well spent our battered and bruised feets told us. We had a look at The Golden Gate of Kyiv and then we started to look for a resturant where we could have our dinner. Once again we found us a local one with an interior taken from the 60’s. 288 UAH for 2 main courses, 1 large beer, 1 glass of wine, 1 bottle of water, 2 desserts and 2 cups of cappuccino. Not to shabby.

This day is best concluded like this: uphill, churches, local food and more churches. And an observation is that dill is somethong you get in all ukrainian food one way or another.

A quick guide to the economy follows.
10 € = 87.6 SEK = 107.2 UAH.
So now you know that food around here is quite cheap, actually almost everything is cheap here except for gasoline and clothes according to the guide from our Pripyat excursion.

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