2013 Gorillas & Safari

Uganda, rain and surprises

We left Rwanda in the morning.  The border control went smooth and soon we entered Uganda. My first reflection was that Uganda seem to be a wealthier country than Rwanda. Still, I think both countries are very beautiful with its green valleys and mountains.

The road we travelled on was as swindling as before up through the mountains and down again. The goal for today was to reach Lake Bunyonyi. After a while on the road we saw baboons so we stopped and took some pictures. We soon reach the town of Kabale where we withdraw some money from Barcleys, one of the few banks in Africa that never lets you down.

Then we proceeded to the campsite. On the way there we saw a stone quarry where they cut the stone by hand. Block by block. Finally at the campsite it begun to rain. A tropical rain with thunder and more rain. Often, the guide had been talking about the campsite as very basic and with only long drop toilets so guess if we were surprised when it turns out we got to live in small cottages!?

Now we sit here after a good dinner playing cards and enjoying local beer. Life is good! Sofia sends her hello too!

2 thoughts on “Uganda, rain and surprises

  1. It sounds wounderful! What a journey you’re on. You’ll have experiences you will remeber for the rest of your life. We’re looking forward to reading more from this exciting trip of yours 🙂


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