2013 Gorillas & Safari

The orphanage

Today it’s the 30th of October and this day started with a late breakfast and then a walk through the nearby village. We met an old lady that was quite funny. She did fancy my beard and Sofias bossom a lot.

The guy who was guiding us is a guy named Duncan who runs a project called Little Angels that takes care of poor children. He then lead us to the orphanage with the same name. At the site he told us about the project and then we got to attend some classes with the children. That was fantastic.

Later on all the children gathered on the court yard and sing and danced. Of course we could not escape that so we had to shake our hairy legs as well. After the dance the kids got to play with us. They made beads in Sofias hair for example. When we left we got a nice boat trip on lake Bunyonyi.

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