2014 Copenhagen

1 year celebration at Michelin restaurant

So 1 year has passed since the first date. That day we had nachos, today we tried something different. Pølse!

But before I say anything more about that I forgot to tell that yesterday we entered one of the worst museums of all time. The Guinness World Records Museum. Paying about 260DKK in admission felt like a rip off. I blame this one on Sofia.

Back to today. After having breakfast, taking our time to get ready we had a walk down to Østerbro. A bit of chill in the wind to be honest. We walked past DFDS headquarters and finally we came upon Restaurant Paustian which is a Michelin restaurant. We had a wonderfull three course lunch or early dinner if you prefer. At 3 o’clock we started to head back to the hotel where we are now. Tonight we’re heading downtown for some drinks and maybe something to eat again.

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