Summer plans

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First summer in our new house. We have a few projects that we want to do so there will be on fancy trips this year. But however, there are things we can do, like roadtrips and small excursions to interesting places. Some of those are located in and around Gothenburg, while others are located a bit further away. I hope this will give some inspiration for places to go and see while in either Sweden in general or Gothenburg in particular.

And I can always do some geocaching of course! Improving my find stats, like trying to find one for each calender day, or finding more difficult ones both in hiding and terrain. And of course trying to find more than just traditionals. Starting in late May, I’ve so far found (with a few honorable mentions):

13 – GC66CJ0 Amaranthes Eventcache 3 – I höstlig dräkt which I found in a somewhat magical location. Signing the log proved to be a challange as well.




2 – GC7B6PB The face at the central station in Copenhagen (celebrating my father in laws 70th birthday. Not much time for geocaching here but this was found while waiting for the train home. This was a very nice, and definatly odd thing to find in a place such as a central station.


And coming very soon is some new road trip locations. Should have posted this like a month ago. Oh well.


Tally so far

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Okay, here is the tally so far. I think the challenge of finding 100 non traditionals in a row kind of ruined geocaching for me. I prefer it to be something casual but now it became totally non-casual so I’ve decided to abandon this quest for glory. Yes, I admit to being not 100% devoted to the quest either. And now that the cold and snow has hit Gothenburg I see the chances of me going out geocaching decreases with each grade below 0.

But at least it made me try some new chaches and I got me some new experience. I will most likely get back to geocachig in the spring when the weather is nice and I can take my daughter out in the trolley. I guess that is a good reason to fiddle around in the bushes!

Below is the tally. Turned out to be 34, so I managed to do a tad bit more than a 3rd of the amount. Not to shabby after all!

 – 3
 – 8
 – 1
 – 1
 – 5
 – 14
 – 2

  = 34


Diary of a quite bad geocacher

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Dear diary, here are the results of my lazy attempts of geocaching the past weeks.


geomyst– GC6HRAR – A place to meet

This one required some mean skills in Google maps to solve, despite beeing on the actual place to do some reconisance which I thought should be enough. Turned out it was not. However, after solving this one I saw that it was hidden at my old school but the timing to log it was not right due to the school beeing inhibited by hundreds of Gothia Cup kids. A week later the place was empty so me and Sofia could easily walk up and quite quickly find the cache and sign it.



-The Lord of the Rings-The beginning (MMT#24)

This was the first ever WhereIGo I ever tried. This was over a year ago. I didn’t fully understand what to do or how to do it at that time. But, feeling encouraged by the previous success with a WhereIGo I felt I should try a new one. So I kind of took off where I stopped last time and tried to continue but came to a halt. I think that was due to a technical issue with the app. So I restarted. There was a lot of walking back and forth but finally I was on the right track. So I picked up Sofias and we took a nice evening walk for the final stages. Finally at the last spot Sofia found the cache in less than a minute. Well done darling!



-10 lätta pussel





Having spent some days in Karlsborg area I grew restless and wanted to go out and find some geocaches. During the spring/early summer I’ve spent some time solving mystery caches in the area, mostly puzzels and got coordinates for a lot I thought there was some easy pickings. Me, Sofia and her brother got into the car and drove along road 49 doing some quick stops for mystery  logging. Then we also found a quite nice letter box. I think I got a tick there as well.

And as of now, there hasn’t been any progress. I’m starting to think maybe I should abandon this quest for 100 non traditionals in a row, else I probably will continue in this slow pace. It doesn’t help much with having some solutions done when I never get around to log them. Specially not considering that several of them are not even in my home area but some 2-3 hours drive away.


My First WhereIGo cache

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Today we had a clear sky and sunny weather finally. Today it felt like summer so we took the car for a ride to the other side of town to buy some food for the cat and then we stopped for a take away coffee. While walking around we also took the liberty to do some geocaching. A small multi at Kaggeledstorget called Våren. It was quickly done, it was only a 2 step multi and didn’t require much work. Although both the GPS and my phone acted a bit funny regarding the direction and coordinates.

Back home again we deiced to make a second try on the WhereIGo cache we had tried the day before but failed. First we searched in the area where we thought the chace was hidden but gave up after some 15 minutes realizing that we better do the WhereIGo game again. Since Sofia is pregnat she got to sit down on a bench while I was running up and down the “Castle Hill” playing the game. And of course, I had made a small error. A small error that put is a good 100 meters in the wrong direction. But after correcting the coordinates it was quite easy to find it.


– geowherigoCASTLEHILL Revival MMT#20



Lilla lilla Syrhåla

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About 1½ year ago me and my colleague Jonas was discussing geocaching since he’s been doing some with his children and I’m a bit of a casual cacher since I don’t do it every day and since I also took upon me this quest to find 100 non traditional in a row; things have slowed down. Anyhow, we started to look at caches around the area where we work and I found this mystery that seemed like a good challenge. After a bit of thinking and trial and error we found the solution for the mystery cache Lillalilla Syrhåla. I was not able to go check it the same day, but the day after I took a de-tour on my way home from work just to check out the area a bit and see if I could find it in the most obvious spots. I could not.

I waited for the weekend and went there again, much less traffic and prying eyes so I could look for it undisturbed. At least until a security guard pulled over and asked what I was doing. I quickexplanation and he was okay with that, he had friends who geocached also so he knew what I was doing. Well, I didn’t find it this time either. I made a couple more tries over the months but could not find it. Seasons came and seasons passed changing the landscape, I even tried looking in the field ofstining-nettles for it (during late fall when they had withered and died) but to no avail. 

I checked back on to see when it was last found it wasn’t found so often. Then someone found it early 2016 and I made a new try. Could not find it. I started to feel a bit frustrated with it. Months later I redid the solution, checked it in the geochecker and I got the same co-ordinates as I did the first time. I studied the logs, the photo logs and decided to give it a new try. I knew it was still there. But I could still not find it. Then on my way back home it suddenly struck me. There was something I had read in one of the logs. I decided to make a new try after work the following day.

Saturday 16/7

After some gruesome hours at work I was finally done and could finally go check for the cache. I parked my car and walked the 50 meters up to the search area. I made some quick searches on the south side of the co-ordinates but that didn’t yield any results, as I had expected. The place was not fit for the kind of cache I suspected it to be. I came to the point where the GPS would zero, no find there either. I continued north and started search for the cache there. I think I passed over the cache 2 times before I realised I had found it. Something just looked odd, and lo and behold, there it was. Finally! I felt victorious! 

To find this one it took me about 1½ year. Moral of the story, never give up!



A geocaching report

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Geocaching this season has been slow, really slow. There’s been a lot of other stuff going on the last months that have taken most of my time. But I have done some geocaching, not much, but some. The premiere was around easter, me, Sofia and her brother went to Karlsborg to try to take one or two of the multis in that area. The first one turned out to be a quite a walk around Karlsborg but eventually we managed to solve it. If my memory serves me right, the finale was quite nice on this one. The second one was a letterbox cache with a really good hiding place!

Karlsborg caches
geomulti– Triss i Karlsborg

geoletter– Kanalholmens Letterbox

Then we proceded to the small old mill community of Forsvik to log both a multi and a mystery in connection to the floodgate there.

Forsvik caches
geomulti– Forsvik

geomyst– Forsvik

And here are some pictures from Forsvik and signs that spring is coming.

And then there was no geocaching done for some time. Next time I picked up my GPS turned out to be in the beginning of July when we took a mini-vacation to Smögen Hafvsbad. On our way home we stopped in Lysekil to have lunch and since the weather was so nice we decided to go for a walk and ended up just right at an earth-cache and since the requirements was quite simple I decided to log it. While walking thich clouds drifted in over our heads and on our way back to the car some heavy rain drops started to fall. Right when we got into the car the rain was pouring down. Had we been just half a minute slower we would have been soaking wet, now we got away with some wet spots.

Lysekil cache
geoearth– Jättegryta i Lysekil

And here’s a nice picture of the giant kettle and an old boat.

Next time geocaching was yesterday. I was looking through my excel-file where I keep all the geocaches that needs some work to be done (mystery/earth/multi) and suddenly I realized that I had been approaching one of the mystery-caches totally wrong. A quick google search confirmed it and then it was just to insert the new co-ordinates into the GPS and go. Before I went to log the mystery I made a quick stop at Biltema to pick up a pool thermometer so I could log an earth cache that I had prepared like 2 years ago but never got around to log. Said and done, I went into town and to be honest I had forgotten how annoying it is to drive downtown. Anyhow, after 10 minutes in the water I was quit sure I had a correct reading on the thermomenter and I could finally log the earth-cache.

Then onwards to Kortedala (a place I have not visited in like 10-15 years) to find that mystery. I managed to find a parkinglot not far from the cache and walked there. It just took me a couple of minutes to find it and log it. On the way back to the car it started to rain. Rain seem to be the only weather we’ll see this summer.

geoearth– Gautelfr

geomyst– The Old Futhark

I took this picture while waiting for the thermometer to do it’s stuff!


My first letterbox was found today!

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Sofia went to a birthday brunch with for her friend and I went out geocaching. First I made a try to find a mystery that I solved some time ago but it was quite busy around the place where it was hidden so I decided to stop searching for it for now. I’ll come back later!

I decided to try to find another mystery that I had solved earlier this month with the help of a colleague. On my way there I took a wrong turn ended up in Biskopsgårdens Industriområde. I just happend to remember that there was a letterbox cache in the area and I had never found or logged one before so I thought to myself, why not. So I activated c:geo and found out that I was only about 50 meters from it. Pushing through the swampy terrain and a huge spider web and I was on the spot. Almost. Both my GPS and c:geo threw me off the target about 10 meters but I found it after a short while.

I don’t have a stamp or a book to put stamps in, I think I can do without that since I’m not that dedicated. Anyhow, after signing the book ad putting the stash back I continued towards the other solved mystery cache. Upon arriving to Wieselgrensplatsen and parking the car the hunt begun. It didn’t take long to find it, it was an easy rating on terrain and hiding. The mystery itself I got help with solving by my colleage who is a fan of the football team GAIS.

After logging a soggy logbook I noticed there was a dry one also. Bummer, but it’s okay. I’ll look for a dry one next time. Or not.

Then I went into town and stopped at Ekostore and bought some grousseries and then I went to pick up Sofia and surprised her with a trip to Gunnebo Slott. After having walked around there for a while we sat down and had a coffee in the sun at the cafeteria. Sometimes life is good. Links to the caches below.


Snart är det jul 2014 – 1:a advent

Atleter #1 Rekord



Slow progress on the challenge 100 non traditionals in a row

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I realise the progress on the Challenge #078 100 non Trad in a row is a bit slow. I don’t get around to go out and look for geocaches as much as I want. Lack of time and then bad weather seem to be the biggest reason. I don’t enjoy geocaching in the rain. Anyhow, I do find one every now and then. Like this weekend when I went on a trip with a couple of friends to Halland. We found this one along the road.
Alla hästar hemma I clicked the hint by accident so when we arrived at the spot I also saw the hiding place before we had even parked the car. But to be a good sport we solved the task before signing the log. Then when I got home I took my wife for a stroll in the area where I grew up. We walked towards the sea and found this multi:

Havsutsikt? / Seaview? Quickly solved, but a lovely walk it was. While at it I also used the time to log another kind of cache that I had’t tried before. A virtual cache.

Landskapsblommor, syd My entry was Lonicera periclymenum or honeysuckle which is the province flower of Bohuslän in Sweden. A nice kind of cache in my opionion even though it kind of felt like cheating since there is no physical location. But it was a good experience since I got to try out a new kind of cache which is also why I’m trying to do this challenge cache. To try new things. Not to shabby on a Sunday.

Rena Snurren This one I had tried to solve and log earlier but I was way to tired and didn’t think straight which means I failed to follow the instructions more or less. The day after I could quite easily solve it and get the correct coordinates, the last part was logging it and that would obviously take a while. Like 1½ week more or less but you need to have some business in the area, right? Logged in broad daylight with Sofia on a hectic Monday afternoon.

I have some mystery’s solved, I just need to get around to log them. That should increase my progress from the current 16 of 100. Also, I dunno what’s up with the bad formatting of this post, no matter what I try to do it doesn’t seem to fix it. That’s totally bull.


Webcam and 100 finds on your own cache

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So with my wift out of town and I have nothing to do I felt I should at least get some fresh air. I took the bus in to town to try to log the 3 caches in connection to the bridge.

webcamcache1I started out at the starting location for Götaälvbron – The Workout and worked my way up the bridge but somewhere along the way I lost track and focus and messed the things up. For step number 2 I didn’t seem to get the right co-ordinates at all so I kind of abandoned the quest for this one. Instead I made an attempt at logging the GBG High 3 (a webcam cache), the first for me. I’ve made a try for a webcam cache earlier, in London like 4 years ago but that webcam was broken so no luck there.
Anyhow, the picture from the webcam is grainy and over all, quality is quite bad. But here it is. After that I went for the Challenge #87 since it was close. Started of by ending up in the wrong spot, which I had already suspected but I wanted to make sure. Then I had a little walk about and ended up in the right spot. I quickly found the cache and signed it. 2 out of 3 doesn’t feel so bad after all.

Geocaching summary

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Well, since I havn’t been very active with the geocaching the past year I think it’s time to break the ice. Over a year ago I found a challenge cache called GC39FKY Challenge #078 100 non Trad in a row which seemed like a lot of fun and it also really feel like a challenge. Also, when looking through my stats I found that most of my finds are traditional caches so I wanted to improve my multi/mystery/webcam/earth/event/letterbox stats a bit and also try out the other various types of caches.

So some time last year in the spring I started to look through the various mysterys/multis and so on in my area of the world and started do some research to be able to log them. I found out that I like doing the reasearch more than actually go out and log the caches. However, I’m trying to change that now. Starting about a week back or so.

So, let’s list my latest findings…

  1. GC56AHZ I sitt rätta element? (Mystery) I’ve had the solution for this one since a year back. I just never got around to look for it. Logged it one day after work. Was a nice little problem to solve.
  2. GC47DFX Andragradens rastställe (Mystery) This one I solved last Friday and logged last Sunday on our way home from a party in Karlsborg. I was never good at math and had to use my colleague for help. Finding t was the easy part!
  3. GC5Y7F5 Oljevägen (Multi) Solved today with my wife. Found within a minute.
  4. GC4VN3J Stenhård Kille (Mystery) I’ve had the solution for this one for over a year as well. Made a weak attempt to find it last week but it was raining and I didn’t feel like looking around to much then Came back today with Sofia and she found it within minutes. Quite easy problem to solve, but much harder to find. 

Wish I had take a picture somewhere along the way. But I didn’t. I have some other caches ready for logging, just need to have a reason to go to the area where they are. This reason might come sooner that I think!


Geocaching tour Göteborg

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Today me and Marcus, or Xcorded as his geocaching ID is went on a small tour through Göteborg. We had planned this tour for some time and had a clear picture of what we wanted. We started off at Central station and walked to a bunch of caches. First find was Gårda Bron and the final find was Bergakungen. But before reaching the last find we had to make a huge detour, criss cross over our intended path, make a right turn where we should have turned left and then instead of going back we went further. In other words, we did not follow our plan.

But we did find a lot of caches, I got to log a few more than Marcus since he had already logged some in the area where we were. Our main target was Gårda and then work our way south towards Liseberg. But somewhere we changed course and ended up in Överåsparken instead. Not in vain mind you, we logged a couple of caches there too. And we got a nice view of Göteborg from that side.

Today I got to use all of my skills in finding caches and I would like to say that climbing is one of the more used skills today. I can also say that I’m a bit better at reasearching than Marcus is, but then again, he is a way better at finding caches than I am. Although, he missed some obvious hides today. Is he getting sloppy?

From the start this was a “no bush trip”, meaning we were not supposed to walk in forests or crawl through bushes. But we did. Back and forth, up and down. Finally emerging from Örgryte we finally got to Liseberg, although, it proved harder to log the caches hidden around the entrences to the amusement park than we thought so we eventually gave up and once again strayed from our path. By now my feets are hurting bad.

Walking back towards the central parts of town and the Central station proved to be really painfull. But we logged a few caches on the way back as well. Any dedicated geocacher would do that. Right? Anyway, long story short, in the end I logged 17 (1 of those is a multi) new caches today. Below is a list. And moral of this story is: I need to buy new shoes because the ones I have right now are just plain bad.


After 3 years

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Today I picked up Sofia in town and then quickly headed towards home, but first we had to make a short stop on the way. It was almost a park and grab cache, we had to walk a couple of hundred meters but we found the cache within a minute at the place. This was just a small warm up for a come back.

Three years ago, in the early 2011 I had searched for one special cache near to my home: GC484KR –Fartygsdopet. I had searched for it a couple of times without finding it. Now, about 3 years later when I have started caching again me and Sofia has made a couple of attempts on it but it’s always been crowded around it so we haven’t been able to search properly. 

Yesterday we were ut walking and by chance we ended up in this very spot again. And Sofia found it first attempt. We didn’t have a pen with us at that time so we decided that we’ll come back today and log it. Easier said than done. Lots of people around that we had to wait out but finally we could retrieve the cache, log it, wait a bit more and then put it back again. Finally, after 3 years…


Roadtrip Sweden: Anten-Gräfsnäs

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With this trip it’s the same thing. I’m writing this posthumously. It was a Wednesday. Not as sunny as I had hoped, but sunny enough. We picked up Sofias brother at the central station and then headed for Alingsås and from there to Anten. The goal for today was the museum railway from the old stations of Anten and Gräfsnäs. We arrived about an hour early so we spent some time looking at the surroundings and the museum in the old railway building.

Some time before departure we climbed aboard the old train and found a seat in one of the old wagons. Then the whistle blew and we were on the way. Except for some screaming children in our wagon and the constant smell of charcoal from the steam locomotive it was all in all a pleasant journey. The railroad goes along the lake Anten and offers a very beautiful view.

Somewhere halfway the ride we stops to refill water meanwhile the staff tells more about the railway, the locomotive, the tracks and offers you to join the railway association that runs the railway here. When the water is refilled it’s time to go again and after a 20 minutes ride we finally arrive in Gräfsnäs.

Gräfsnäs has a lot to offer, there is a public beach, a café, a heritage centre and the castle ruin. We made a short stop at the café and then proceeded onto the castle ruin. The castle of Gräfsnäs has a quite interesting story. Said to be cursed, it has burned down twice, so maybe there is some truth about the curse!

We also tried our luck at some of the geocaches in the area. We found 2 quite easy and then decided it was time to head back to the train station since we did not want to miss the railbus back to Anten station (where our car was parked). A roundtrip ticket costs 120 SEK, well worth the money if you feel like travelling in a historical way.


Roadtrip Sweden: Läckö

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A bit against the idea behind this blog I have to write about our small day trips, some weeks after we’ve done them. But I’ve been a bit too busy working and a bit too less busy doing recreational things. However, in the end of June we decided to go to Läckö Castle. It is kind of a “short drive” from Gothenburg, I think it only took us about 1,5 hours or so and that includes a small stop along the way to log a geocache. It wasn’t a fancy cache in any way but still.

When we reached Lidköping we picked up Sofias brother and then continued to Läckö. The castle lies in a really beautiful environment and today the weather was perfect. We bought our tickets to the guided tour, but since it was yet about an hour until the tour would start we decided to walk around in the areas where the tour would not take us. A peek in the church became a small informal rehearsal for our own wedding, walking down the aisle. No guests or music though.

We also strolled in the famous gardens for a while which also summoned my more artistic side with the camera. Sadly, I’m not as much of a photographer as I think I am but at least some pictures came out alright.

As for the guided tour of the interior of the castle, I’m not so sure. The things they told is interesting but it was not at all as I remembered it. See, I’ve been here before as a kid and from what I could remember there were lots of paintings and gold and furniture in this castle. Obviously I remember wrong. The tour guide did have a good explanation for this though and when consulting my parents about this they said that the castle did not have much decorations when we visited many years ago.

After the tour we went down to the café and hade some nice cold drinks and home-made cookies. We also searched for a mystery cache that I had solved before we got here. although I could not get the final coordinates100% correct it was quite easy to find it anyway. After logging that one we proceeded down to the docks where the viking ship Sigrid Storråda lies. Getting a good shot of the dragon head was easy!

As a final we decided to find one more geocache before heading home and we decided to take one situated on the opposite beach from the castle. Finding the cache was easy and we also found something more. Something more rare and possibly dangerous. A viper. Not far from the cache a viper had curled up on the soft moss sunbathing when we almost stepped on it. The last picture for the day I thought.

On our way home we stopped to take some pictures of the rape fields. In the distance I could see an old windmill and decided I wanted to take a closer look on it so we went there. And to my surprise there was a geocache in the area as well so we headed out to find it. After having searched the area for a while we almost gave up but suddenly I got an idea. I started looking for something I had not looked for before and there it was! Since I think it’s worth mentioning I’ll post the link here to GC4NZVR – Riddagårdskvarnen


First geocaching post

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So I finally decided that I should take up my old hobby or sport or whatever you want to call it. And since it kind of fits in with and the reason why I created this site I thought I can as well write about my adventures while geocaching as well. But first I guess a smaller presentation of me as a geocacher is at hand.

It all begun back in 2009 when working on a IT-project. Some of the guys at my job talked about it and it sounded fun. So one day I joined them for an afternoon and we found two-three caches or something like that. To be honest I think they let me find them to get me hooked. And hooked I was. Same evening I ordered my first, and only GPS. A Garmin eTrex Vista HCx. It has served me good for a long time. Anyway, I managed to get one of my friends hooked as well and we’ve spent a lot of days/evening/nights geocaching. Also, some of my other friends has occasionally joined us, for example when we did a power trail in the Halmstad region.

During the early 2011 my interest in geocaching kind of dried out due to a little bit too much work and a little bit too much stuff going on in general. Then I tried to revive my skills during a 4 month trip through south and eastern Africa (which you can read about here on this blog) but I kind of failed misserably, mostly due to a crappy smartphone and no real interest at the moment. Anyhow, about 2 months ago I started up again and got my girlfriend with me which I like. Also, I’ve managed to get her brother into it as well.

So far my “stats” are not that good, I’ve only found a measly 421 caches but some of them are as far away as 9085km away from my home location. A quick summary of what I’ve done so far:

Traditional Cache: 406
Multi-cache: 8
Unknown Cache: 4
Earthcache: 3

I know it’s no competition, and if it was, I’ve already lost since I know some people are way above 30k finds. But it’s something nice to do while you’re home and you always discover new things.