Gold Prospecting

I got gold fever!

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DSC07035Over the years me and my wife has enjoyed the TV-series about gold miners in Alaska and Yukon. After a while I started to feel that it would be nice to try it out. It’s kind of one of those things that you should do in your life if you’re an adventurer like me. I’ve spent countless hours reading about it, watching videos on youtube, reading on forums and so on. I even bought a book from one of the more prominent gold miners on the forum and as a “lottery price” he had attached a small gold nugget in the book. That kind of got me hooked. For real!


It didn’t take long after that until I bought a gold pan, some paydirt and a bucket just to try my hands at gold panning. It didn’t take long for me to get the hang of it and craving for more. It turned out to be a good hobby during the winter and my wife’s pregnancy.

Since it was in the middle of the winter there was no chance to go out and actually try my luck in the local creeks but plans were made and carefully prepared. A colleague of mine is a geologist and has helped me stake out some interesting places where I should try my luck. And with his help I have also found some interesting sites on my own. My plan this year is to try some of them out and see if they yield anything.