Gunnebo castle

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Todays excursion took us to Gunnebo castle, it’s just 15 minutes drive from central Gothenburg. This castle from the 18th century is surrounded by a park and a beautiful forest. It’s possible to go inside the castle, guided tours are available. At our visit, they were restoring the facade of the castle so half of the building was covered in working platforms. Luckily, it’s only the main building undergoing a face lift, the rest of the old buildings were untouched and very enjoyable to watch.

They also have big gardens where they grow their own crops and vegetables, which are served in the cafeteria. All is organic too. There is also a small shop at the premesis where you can buy locally produced food and some hand crafted stuff. After having walked around for an hour or so we decided to have something to eat in the cafeteria. Very delicious food for sure.

The castle have an interesting history and small signs here and there tells parts of it, I guess you will get an even better introduction if you take the guided tour. We declined due to having the stroller with us and the castle inside has some stairs. On the outside, there are both stairs and walkways so it’s easy to get around, even with a stroller or wheelchair.

Link: Gunnebo Castle

Parking: Not free, but affordable

There are some more pictures in the gallery.


Spring in Rya Skog

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Last year in early May me and Sofia went to a small patch of forest right in the middle of one of Gothenburgs mostly industrialized areas. This forest is unique in many ways, but I think it’s mostly famous for the fact that there are many plants that grow there and no where else in the area. From my own experience this little spot of green in the middle of harsch industrial enviroment is best during the late April and early May. According to sources this is the remains of a very old forest and is worth saving!

Official information: Rya skog (in Swedish)

To get there: Google map

Free entrance / Free parking

Accessible by public transportation (bus stop is Rya Skog)

More pictures from this wonderfull forest can be found on this gallery page: Göteborg/Gothenburg