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2011 South East Asia #5 Thailand – Back and forth

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Yet another early morning for me, but I had to get to the airport to catch my flight to Phuket, Thailand. The flight went well and at Phuket Airport I got myself a taxi to take me to Ao Nang in Krabi province. Or to be honest, it was more like 10-15 minutes outside of Ao Nang in some kind of sleepy village. I can’t seem to recall the name of the village now, but the hotel was really nice. I was supposed to stay here for a few nights and just relax and wait for my friend Ove to come over. At the moment he was living in Koh Lanta but had got fed up with it and wanted to do something else. Also, Oves friend Michael was supposed to arrive in a few days too in Krabi so the place was ideal for some resting and doing nothing.

At the hotel I met a lot of nice people, two Swedish sisters who didn’t realize I was Swedish also until I asked why we were speaking English. I also met an older couple from Ireland who was there to celebrate their 50 year long marriage and a couple from London who had sold everything they own, quite their day jobs to travel the world. The whole bunch of us took some tuk tuk’s into Ao Nang one evening to have some dinner and try to see if we could find something at the night market. I didn’t buy anything, but it was nice to walk around for a while. Ao Nang is a place where a lot is going on all the time. A busy place. And then one day Ove finally arrived. I think it was 2 days before Michael was supposed to arrive. We traveled to Krabi Town together where we met up with one of Oves friends from Koh Lanta and had a night out. Krabi Town is a quite boring place but there are some nice places to party at. We ended up in the bar where the guy from Job 2 Do use to hang and when we were about to go, he actually came there.

Next day we went to pick Michael up at the airport and brought him back to the hotel. It was Michaels first time in Thailand and he was anxious to get out and do something fun. We ended up in a local bar with only thai people. There was some live band playing and quite loud generally. I remember some guys inviting us to their table and offering us drinks of Johnny Walker and coke, mostly Johnny Walker though. At closing time we discovered there was no taxis available, that discovery two girls next to us also made. Turned out they were staying at the same hotel as us. So we started walking back to our hotel. Turns out the girls was from Kota Kinabalu on Borneo, Malaysian side of Borneo. Borneo was part of my plans, I will go there later on during my trip so I exchanged number with one of the girls, Zera.

The next day it was time for us to leave, we had made plans to go to Koh Samui and then later Koh Phangan. To be honest, I don’t seem to remember how we got to Koh Samui but I’m pretty sure we took a bus to Surat Thani and then the ferry to Koh Samui. It was just a travelling day and so it got lost to me somehow. Anyway, we arrived to Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui in the afternoon and went to look for a place to stay. The year before me and Henrik had stayed at a nice little hotel right across the street from McDonalds but the only room available they wanted an insane amount of money for. So we found us another place to stay right over a bar. Not the most quiet place maybe. We only stayed at Koh Samui for one night before we proceeded to Koh Phangan.

We arrived right in between the full moon so no full moon party for us, but there was a black moon party that we attended. It was in no way as big or fun as the full moon parties are but there were still a lot of partying going on. We stayed at a place called Beer Bungalows (where me and Henrik had stayed the year before). We took a day in Haad Rin and at the Haad Rin beach before we decided that we should go back towards Krabi area again. We took the boat from Koh Phangan to Surat Thani and during the trip over the weather started to get nasty but we arrived safe and sound. Then we had a very boring trip to Ao Nang again. We had booked a hotel online that looked nice but when we arrived the hotel was a real disappointment. There were nasty stains on the sheets and mold in the bathroom. We only stayed the night in that place, first thing in the morning the day after we started a hunt for a better place to stay. Turned out all places were fully booked more or less so we ended up at a Blue Village hotel in the end. That same day we went to the shooting range and tried some guns just for fun. I was growing restless though and Ove and Michael wanted to go climbing on Railey Beach which I didn’t fancy so I decided it was time for me to leave.