2014 Central Europe

Zagreb to Budapest

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DSC04500After a steady breakfast at the hotel we checked out and walked the 10 minute walk to the train station. Before entering the train station I took a few shots just outside to have atleast a few photos of Zagreb. Then we proceded with buying some food for the train ride and went to the bathroom one last time. The lady operating the public restrooms at the train station was quite upset about something but I could not figure out what.

Sofias turn on the restrooms. She soon got the explenation to why she was so upset. The lady pushed Sofia over when Sofia tried to enter one of the booths and screamed: CATASROPHE!!! The quick glimpse Sofia got was more than enough!

Another minor CATASTROPHE was the fact that the train was delayed by 45 minutes. That said on the signs around the platform, and then I guess they also said it on the speakers but the only did anouncements in croatian so I do not know. The train finally arrived and we could take our seats. The journey in itself was quite boring, the wagon where we were seated was 90% filled with backpackers, the remaining 10% was locals I guess.

DSC04501We arrived to Budapest about 17:30 at the south train station and we had no clue at all on where we were headig next. Standing there just outside the train station and discussing and trying to figure out our next step someone who spoke a little odd accent of Swedish stepped up and helped us. He helped us buy a ticket for the metro and gave us some directions before he left. So we took the metro to the East train station and from there it was like 5 minutes of walking to our hotel. After checking in we went out to have dinner at some local joint I never got the name of, but it was a nice place. Over and out!

PS: The gallery for Croatia is finally online, you can see it here: 2014 East Europe – Croatia

2012 Africa

Zimbabwe Revisited Part 3

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Next stop was Victoria Falls, again! We stayed at Shoestrings Backpackers, again! We took a look at the Victoria Falls, again! We even walked across the bridge into Zambia and had a meal on the Zambian side. If you just want to walk onto the bridge you can get a ”bridge pass” at the border control, but if you want to enter Zambia make sure you have a double entry VISA to Zimbabwe, else you will have to buy a new VISA when you re-enter Zimbabwe again. A VISA to Zambia costs $25, a VISA to Zimbabwe costs $35 if I remember correctly.

The falls looked as amazing as I remembered them. And wet. Very wet. Since we spent some time here I managed to convince most of the gang to join me on another white water rafting tour. And of course I wanted the same guide as I had 2 months ago. Titanic! So we walked into Shearwater Adventures office and booked a rafting trip. And we were lucky! The rafting had been closed for almost 2 months due to the high water levels. The Monday we had booked on was the first day they would do it!

Said and done, the very next day we left. The road was as bumpy and the truck was as noisy and uncomfortable as the last time. We arrived at the same place as I had done 2 months earlier, we got our ”spoons” and the soup was just down in the gorge. We climbed down and after the usual safety instructions we we’re on the way. And it turned out to be a really good adventure. The Zambezi river was really aggressive and we had to paddle like crazy!

IMG_7109Then it happened! A huge wave flipped the boat! Everyone ended up in the water. We spent 1/3 of the rafting distance picking up members and their paddles. When we arrived at the sand bank where we had stopped and rested the last time we were exhausted. For me, it was loads of fun, but some of the others were not as enthusiastic as I were.

After some less dramatic rafting we arrived at pick up point of the rafting and we got to climb all the way up from the gorge again. And on the top we were greeted by food and ice cold drinks. Back at the lodge I met some nice people who I chatted with for a long time. I also met a South African tour leader who taught me the rules in rugby and also made me like the game!

From Victoria Falls it was just a short drive to Botswana, but before crossing the border we entered a small national park around Imbabala Zambezi Safari Lodge. We weren’t to excited about the park so we left or the border station instead.

Gallery updated with pictures from Zimbabwe!