2011 South East Asia

2011 South East Asia #10 Hong Kong – Rave party at the 20th floor

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Today, or this day I spent mostly just walking around and I wanted to go and see the large Buddha statue. I took the train to the place where it was, found out there was a very long line of people who also wanted to see it. I gave up on that idea and took the train back again. Went into a small store to buy a soda and discovered I could pay for the soda with my Octupus Card. That’s nifty. When I got back to central Hong Kong I mostly spent my day walking around looking at the town, I found a H&M store and bought a sweather. Funny, I would proably never buy anything in a H&M store in Sweden. In the evening I texted Kevin and then we meet up to go to Ned Kellys Last Stand. We met some of Kevins friends there, turned out he knew one of the guys in the band that would play during the evening. It was a jazz band and it was really great!

Later that evening I got a text from a friend of mine, Francine, and we decided to meet up. First we had some drinks in a bar along with some of her friends and then we ended up on a rave party on the 20th floor of a skyscraper. That was quite cool to be honest! After the rave party there was some after party in an apartment somewhere until sunrise. About then I decided it was time to head back to the hotel since I wanted to sleep. So I started walking back in a still dormant Hong Kong. It was quite nice to see the city slowly awaken and how the noise slowly increased. Even big cities are quiet in the early morning.

I arrived at my hotel about when they started serving breakfast which suited me fine. I had some and then went to bed. I woke up about noon and went out for a walk. I ended up in a shoppingmall not far from my hotel, looking for anything that would catch my eye. I didn’t really have any real plan for the day so I ended up going to the movies and saw Sucker Punch, it was the only one playing at the moment. After the movie I walked back to my hotel and packed my bag, went down to the lobby and checked out. It was the same guy checking me out as checking me in some days before. He asked me what I thought about Hong Kong and if I had enjoyed my stay. I liked Hong Kong very much and I did really enjoy my stay. And still to this day I think Hong Kong is one of the best cities I’ve ever visited.

I think the flight left something like 11:55 pm or so and having not slept so much turned out to be a good idea since I managed to sleep almost all the way to Amsterdam. As all good stories has an end, so do this. And if you’ve counted the days you’ll see that it was roughly 6 weeks spent. Roughly. 😉

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